Ammos hotel - Chania


Simplicity, freshness, seasonal ingredients brought from local markets (organic where available), old fashioned Cretan and Greek recipes with a rediscovered homey touch (Menu for 2015), unpretentious but smart presentation, friendly prices and service with a smile.

The London Times food critic, Alex Renton, who visited in April 2012, was so impressed that he hailed the hotel as a "known foodie destination".

Setting is simply unbeatable: Stunning interiors and a balcony and terrace looking out right on the beach front (food and drinks are accompanied by the sounds of the sea and dramatic sunsets).

Info: Kitchen stays open all day long. We start early in the morning with our signature buffet breakfast and we continue serving till late into the night (the restaurant also caters for our guests at the pool and beach area).

irakli avgoula str., chania, crete, greece
tel: +30 28210 33003-25 fax: +30 28210 31635
winter phone number: +30 6946009686