Ammos hotel - Chania


To request availability or other relevant information please email us at indicating your full name, age group of members/guests, relation of members (couple, friends, etc), arrival and departure dates, choice of room, phone number (preferably your mobile in case we need to contact you directly) and personal email address.

Within a few hours a confirmation email will be sent to you by the director of the Ammos Hotel. On acceptance of your booking you will be asked to give your credit card information via our secure page or fax..

If you do not receive a reply we urge you to give us a call as very often emails can, due to anti-spam programs, be "bounced", meaning that we or you might not be able to receive them properly. If you need an urgent reply, you may find it more practical to call us directly (phone numbers are listed below).

All previous information will be used only for reasons relating to this specific request. It is our policy never to register our guests on any kind of mailing list, use their phone number or other personal information or to share these details with third parties.

Ammos Hotel's clientele is primarily composed of sophisticated individual travelers (most of them internet-conscious). We don't have contracts with tour operators (with very few exceptions) therefore the safer way to book a room is directly with us.

irakli avgoula str., chania, crete, greece
tel: +30 28210 33003-25 fax: +30 28210 31635
winter phone number: +30 6946009686